In november i had the pleasure to work on one of the three ads for Fnac, directed by Hugo Ramirez and produced by Eddy. This ad, witch theme is music, tells the story between Nekfeu and la Fnac. Original music Ugly Mac Beer, at Twin Fizz Agency with Fabien Girard & Etienne Perovitch.
Johanna Huck, Lucas Valente & myself did the color using watercolor, painted frame by frame in Brunchstudio. We painted the animation witch was previously printed on watercolor paper , then scanned and inverted into Adobe after effects.
​​​​​​​Finally you can watch the making of and Hugo Ramirez's director cut with his choice of music and video editing. The two other ads are on photography with Stephane Lavoué and comic-book with Christophe Blain. You can also find them on Catsuka.